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Purchaser Knowledge and agree that our public published Terms and Conditions shall be considered as parts of any Purchasing Order, Order Form,  Estimate, any other document /s, in relation with ordering products to us, any of the above documents shall be considered as a Contract unconditionally subrogated to this Terms and Conditions. In case of Purchaser’s document/s it will be considered as a description of items ordered,any additional condition/s shall not be valid or considered as an additional and primary or secondary agreement of the purchase.  

Minimum Order

A minimum purchase amount of $3,000 (net) is required to process an order. 

 Placing you own order  

First, review our price list to identify which items you need. Then complete our Order Form, keeping in mind the following instructions: 1. Include code description where applicable. (See Order Form) 2. Flat Panels, End panels, Toe Kicks, Pull-Out Shelves, Glass Style on Glass Doors, Pulls Style and any other item no belonging to the cabinet box, must be described individually. 3. Toe Kick pieces are 8´ long and can be cut as needed at the job site. Order should be filled out on our form as per instructions to avoid errors. Pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice. All cabinets shown in the Price List are considered "standard". Please submit drawings of custom cabinets to our company for approval and pricing.  

Changing an order

Changes may be made in writing within 48 hours after the date the initial order was received by our Company. If received after 48 hours, all changes will be processed as new orders. More than 48 hours charge order fee of 500, additional charges may apply and our Company sale representative must approve in writing all modified orders.  

Returns of Material  

Our Company will not accept any material returned for re-work or replacement without its prior approval. Materials returned without our Company written authorization are shipped at the dealer's risk and are subject to inspection and approval for re-work or replacement by our Company. Our Company assumes no responsibility for materials returned without its express authorization.  


If an order needs to be cancelled, please contact your sales representative, and fax a written cancellation notice to our Company. The written notice must be received by our Company within 48 hours of the original order. All cancellations are subject to a $500 cancellation fee or a 5% of net amount of the order.


Weight Average: 90# per cabinet (doors & packaging included). Our Company ships via common carrier. If the customer would prefer a different method, our Company is happy to accommodate such requests. Supplier is authorized by purchaser to ship goods via any common carrier, transportation risks, costs, and adequate insurance, are at purchaser charges and responsibility. All freight charges are to be paid by the customer.Any damages to the shipment are the customer sole responsibility and our Company assumes no responsibility for any such damages.  All prices are F.O.B. Miami, Florida. Delivery will be by common carrier service or may be picked up at our Company by the purchaser.

Products and personal Care

Use protective and adequate gloves when cleaning or hanging cabinet parts. Maintenance; Use adequate Stainless Steel Cleaner only, to clean protect your cabinets and reduce finger-prints: Recommended: “Zep” Stainless Steel Cleaner (Available at Home Depot (Garden Section).  

Delivery Time

Regular Delivery time is 8 to 16 Weeks from signed shop drawings and down payment received. CUSTOM ORDERERS allow two more weeks. Delivery Time can be modified at purchasing, please call sales department for more information. 

Payment Terms

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time an order is placed and received by our Company. No work will commence until such deposit is received and receipt of such funds are confirmed. The remaining balance is to be paid C.O.D. by cashier's check only, upon delivery. When the balance due upon delivery is more than $10,000.00, Our Company requires a wire transfer prior to delivery. In case of letter of credit issue to Supplier as the beneficiary, it shall be Divisibly, Transferrable and Irrevocable.

Mini Box & Mini Display
* Mini boxes can be returned to our Company within 15 days of shipment or delivery in the same condition as originally delivered to customer,
normal wear and tear excepted.  At our Company discretion, the full purchase price will be credited. Cost at customer charge
Mini Display: * Shipped KD or assembled.
* 5% credit on every purchase until display is paid off; this also applies for any other displays.
*All shipping charges for delivery and return of displays are paid solely by the customer.
Showroom Display Policies
All our Company dealers are required to have displays and our Company sales aids to promote the sales of the product. We offer a display program with special discounts to assist dealers in acquiring such displays.
Contact your sales representative for details.
Customer Service
Our Company’s sales professionals are available to assist you.
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
Limited Warranty & limitations
All Stainless Steel cabinet boxes come with a limited lifetime warranty against factory defects in material and workmanship to the original
purchaser only. This limited warranty is not transferable.
All other stainless steel components such as doors, drawers, end panels and side panels, are warranted for defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment. This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by the following: abuse, improper storage or handling, misuse, improper installation, neglect, acts of god, fire, flood, riots, or natural disaster. Our Company cannot assume, nor authorize any person to assume for us, any liability in connection with the sales of our Company products. Our Company reserves the right to change the specifications, materials and/or design conditions as it deems necessary and as improvements are developed.
Our Company has no obligation to incorporate any such change into products previously manufactured. To take advantage of either warranty, the original purchaser must fulfills the following requirements as specified by our Company.
1. Report any claims to the original dealer from whom the cabinets were purchased.
2. In the event the dealer is unavailable, report the claim in writing to our Company directly to the address stated in this binder. (Attn: Customer Service Department). Under this limited warranty, our Company will replace, at its sole discretion, any part(s) determined by our Company to be defective. Our Company’s sole obligation under this warranty is the repair or replacement of the part(s) in question, as determined in its discretion. Our Company will not be responsible for the removal, shipment, re-installation, or any other consequential costs associated with any warranty claim.
This warranty does not apply to the following:
- Damages not caused by our Company.
- Damage arising for improper storage or installation.
- Improper handling, modifications or repairs made at and following the moment of delivery.
- Damage or deterioration of products due to normal wear and tear.
-  This warranty constitutes the entire warranty given by our Company and no authorized retailer, agent or employee is authorized to extend or
enlarge this warranty on behalf of our Company.
We exclude and are not responsible for any consequential damages nor for any incidental damages arising out of breach of any expressed, written, or implied warranty which relates to our products. Our Company shall be the sole arbiter of repair, replacement, or no work at all under this warranty. No representative has any authority to change or enlarge or modify in any way the above warranties or our liability.
*Hardware manufacturers warranty will be applicable.
Applicable Conditions to any Order Form
1) On this purchasing Contract Steel Kitchen Cabinets Corp. is denominated as supplier.
2)  Any order is unconditionally subrogated to the conditions described below and to Supplier Terms and Conditions published on his internet
site at:
3) Prices do not include item or services not described on Steel Kitchen Cabinets Corp. Order Form.
4) When Assembly or Installation Services are included, such services shall not be considered as part of this the Contract and shall be subrogated to the Additional Services described below.
5) Upon communication of goods availability, Cashiers' Check on hands, shall be communicated by purchaser to Supplier on writing, otherwise a daily storage fee of $500 shall apply.
6) After 10 days of good availability communication, if balance due is not paid, Supplier shall have the right to sales goods, in case of the re-making of goods, a re-processing fee of 10% on the amount of the Contract plus any increment on labor costs shall apply, new delivery schedule will be determinate by Supplier.
7) If the account is turned over to a collection agency all fees and costs incur by Supplier shall paid by purchaser.
8) In the event the vendor has to institute suit for collection of any portion of the above amount, jurisdiction will be in Miami, Florida, and
venue in Miami-Dade County, Florida and the purchaser agrees to pay  reasonable attorneys' fees and costs.
9)  All invoices not paid within the terms are subject to 3.5% financing charge, until payment is received and cleared, no material is to be
returned to us without our rotten consent. All material returned is subject to 25% restocking fee and warehousing charges until matter is
resolve. All claims for shortage, errors in filling or defective material must be made within 10 days after receipt of goods.
10)  Volume: Net price/s are given for a minimum of 10 (Ten) kitchens, cancellation/s shall increase net prices proportionally to amount
11) Approval includes all pages filled and initialized.
12) In case your contract our company to install, cabinet will not delivered until room, electrical, plumbing, or any required jobs are correctly done according to approved elevations, in dependently of any delay caused for the above problems,  balance due must be paid according to contract.
13)  Goods delivered to the purchaser named on Contract and shall remain sole property of Supplier until the specified purchasing price has been  paid in full, purchaser shall allow Supplier to access property has  been store or install to recovery all products or a portion proportional in value to the unpaid amount, including but not limited to  the removal of installed cabinets, in case of partial removal Suppliers  reserve right to remove the most useful cabinets to allow a short sale of them, any labor or costs incurred for such recovery or removal shall be at customer charge and responsibility. 
Personnel  or Sub-Contracted individuals or companies are not authorized to do any  electrical, plumbing or repair jobs, any mentioned job shall be entire responsibility of purchaser.
Payment:  50% at job beginning , 40% at 90% of job done and 10% upon job execution Installation.

installation shall not begin if room, electrical, plumbing or any other item related to cabinet  installation is not correctly located or installed, any job interruption caused for room problems shall be at purchaser cost and responsibility including all traveling cost to return to job, balance shall be paid by purchaser with cashier's Warranty over product/s will be immediately cancelled if payments are not made according to this agreement.
Any installation claim shall be made within 10 days after execution.
To access Warranty, approval communication shall be issue, signed and submitted by purchaser to Supplier.